Monday, 22 September 2014

TfL - mixed progress on segregated cycling

Recent schemes bought forward by TfL have shown mixed progress on segregated cycling. While some schemes have failed to meet expectations, the new superhighways proposals are a big step forward and show the message is starting to get through.

This is our opportunity to keep up the pressure and ensure safe cycling is included in every scheme.

Segregated cycling is the number one issue our supporters care about, so please support the new superhighways (if you haven't already). But with some business lobby groups briefing against the proposals, we need to show cycling is good for business. Please also support a new initiative by asking your employer to show their support.

A summary of recent TfL schemes:


These schemes show TfL are willing to make space for cycling & propose segregated lanes suitable for everyone on roads which are currently dangerous & intimidating.


While at Elephant and Castle some attempt has been made, these schemes show that TfL still have problems following through promises to provide safe cycling.


TfL are showing signs of change. We need to keep pushing to make sure we get safe and segregated cycling. Although members of the public have been supporting the new superhighways, big business groups have been opposing.

So please support a new campaign to set the record straight and ask your employer to take part.