Monday, 20 October 2014

Potential conflict of interest to be reviewed by TfL's lawyers

Following our emails to the members of the London Assembly I will be publishing the responses in the order they come in. If you have received a response not listed here, please add it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

The first response I received was from Murad Qureshi AM, as follows:
Dear Fred, 
I agree with your analysis of this conflict of interest for Peter Anderson, hence why l have sent the following letter below to TfL lawyers. 
Murad Qureshi AM

His email to Howard Carter reads:

Dear Howard, 
I write to you in your capacity as General Counsel for TfL. 
It has been drawn to my attention that Peter Anderson the Finance Director of Canary Group PLC is also the Chair of TfL Finance & Policy Committee. 
Following recent media reports that Canary Wharf Group PLC has initiated extensive and anonymous briefings which are critical of TfL’s Cycle Superhighway Plans, are you satisfied that his role is not conflicted in making decisions over the investment into Super Cycle Highways? 
Murad Qureshi AM