Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Save Our Cyclists Petition - Update

Dear Friends,

Last winter 36'000 people signed the 'Save Our Cyclists' petition calling for action to keep cyclists safe. After nine cyclist deaths in London this year and 7 months since Andrew Gilligan responded, here is an update of what we've achieved and where we need to keep pushing [1] [2]:

  • Ambitious plans for North-South & East West segregated superhighways were released by TfL, which need your support [3]. 
  • HGVs safety: TfL are proposing Safer Lorries measures and it appears the HGV enforcement team will be expanded [4] [5].
  • CS2 delayed: We were promised designs in June & works starting this year. Detailed proposals have just been announced for works starting next year and completed in 2016 [6] [7]. However we were alarmed to notice the lane disappears at one point and no improvements are proposed for Bow roundabout [8].

We're making progress but the delayed CS2 plans need major changes to address serious gaps in provision. The superhighway must extend the full length of the route and Bow roundabout must be improved for cycling and walking [8].

You can follow campaign developments at saveourcyclists.blogspot.co.uk

One campaign development we want to tell everyone about is that Rhiannon, who started the campaign, has moved to Switzerland and handed the campaign to me, Fred [9]. A big thanks to Rhiannon for creating the petition and all her hard work. Rhiannon will continue to support the campaign as an advisor, and looks forward to seeing where we go next!

In March we asked you about our next steps and over half chose segregated lanes and in second one fifth chose HGV safety [10]. We will be pushing for both of these in the coming months, and with some councils actively opposing segregated lanes we be widening the campaign.

We will be in touch about this soon but until then please support the ambitious plans for segregated superhighways!

Many thanks for your support,

Fred Smith


-  We asked Andrew Gilligan for comments but he didn't reply.
-  Finally, the petition is still open for new supporters: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-our-cyclists!

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