Sunday, 7 September 2014

Support needed for North-South & East-West superhighway proposals

This week TfL revealed proposals for North-South & East-West segregated superhighways through the centre of London. It's a major step forward with TfL giving space for cycling and proposing lanes suitable for everyone on roads which are currently dangerous & intimidating.

This sets a strong precedent and is also a major milestone cycle campaigning, BUT business and motoring groups are already lining up to shoot them down. We need to show our support to make sure they go ahead.

The plans have been reviewed in detail by aseasyasridingabike, which has a good summary of why we should support them. They're not perfect but they're one of the best and most ambitious plans we've seen, so we need to show our support as well as pointing out the parts which could be improved.

Please make sure you go support both proposals:

The key part to fill in is the 'Overall Proposals' section, if you want to comment on any of the specific sections of the schemes you can also do that. Finally click 'Finish' at the bottom & make sure you click 'Submit response' on the next page & you're done. Thanks!

23/09/14 update - 'Cycling Works' launched

Cycling Works is new initiative to get employers in London to support the new superhighways. Big business groups are trying to get the plans cancelled and we need to show that cycling is good for employees and good for employers. 

Ask your employer if they will join:

Further info:

What do you think about the North-South options?

The North-South has an option for one part being semi segregated which I feel is not as good as carrying their proposal for a fully segregated 2 way path all the way through. I don't think it makes sense to create an additional set of lights to swap half way down the road. However this is one which might divide opinions so please let me know what you think.