Saturday, 4 February 2017

Pedestrians hit on crossings - the data

This map shows the vehicles which have hit pedestrians on pedestrian crossings 2005-2015.

Last week one group identified cyclists as a main cause of road danger. A brief look at road casualty statistics shows this is not the case.

For instance, cyclists jumping red lights are often cited as a problem on our roads. However if we focus in on this 'cycling' problem, the road accident data shows motor vehicles are responsible for the vast majority of collisions with pedestrians on crossings. 

Only 2% of the pedestrians hit on crossings are hit by cyclists. That is two percent too many, but if we are serious about pedestrian safety we need to focus on the 98% of collisions which cause the most serious injuries and deaths.

If councillors are serious about avoiding conflict between cyclists and pedestrians they need to stop the widespread use of poorly designed and poorly signposted shared space pavements. Instead they should provide dedicated cycling facilities protected from traffic as far as possible and leave pavements clear for pedestrians. 

Car - yellow marker (there isn't a car symbol)
Bus, coach or minibus - bus icon
All vans and goods vehicles - truck icon
Motorcycle - motorcycle icon
Pedal cycle - bicycle icon
Taxi/Private hire car - cab icon

For more detail on any of the data points simply click on the icon.

In some locations you will see two icons exactly on top of each other. This is as indicated in the original data and may have been due to locations being rounded or approximated previously. For instance at long. -0.133876, lat. 51.519942 two icons are shown over each other representing separate incidents on 21/02/2008 and 08/07/2009. 

These maps are based on the data STATS19 police collision report data from 2005-2015 inclusive (11 years of data). If you want the full details on specific a specific incident or want to search by area I recommend using