Sunday, 5 February 2017

Pedestrians hit by vehicles while on the pavement - the data

Yesterday I posted about pedestrians hit by vehicles on pedestrian crossings and how the vast majority of those are motor vehicles, despite a perception that this is a particular problem with cyclists. Today I am looking at pedestrians who have been injured while on the pavement, also a common complaint about cyclists.

The map below shows the vehicles which have hit pedestrians on the footway, verge or refuge/central island in the years 2005-2015.

In this case a shocking 97% of pedestrians hit on the pavement were hit by motor vehicles, with just 3% of the injuries attributed to cyclists. This presumably includes 'shared space' pavements where cycling is permitted and encouraged.

Again this highlights that if local councillors are serious about pedestrian safety they need to focus on the danger caused by motor traffic. I would also encourage them to reject the many poorly designed and poorly signposted shared space pavement schemes, which even though it does not result in many accidents, often gives the impression cyclists are being inconsiderate when they have been encouraged to use the pavement.  

Car - yellow marker (there isn't a car symbol)
Bus, coach or minibus - bus icon
All vans and goods vehicles - truck icon
Motorcycle - motorcycle icon
Pedal cycle - bicycle icon
Taxi/Private hire car - cab icon

For more detail on any of the data points simply click on the icon.

These maps are based on the data STATS19 police collision report data from 2005-2015 inclusive (11 years of data). If you want the full details on specific a specific incident or want to search by area I recommend using