Thursday, 7 April 2016

Who will keep London's cyclists safe?

Dear Friends,

Our next mayor could make or break cycling in London.

We need the next mayor to support the construction of high quality cycling infrastructure, not just completing all the planned Cycle Superhighways but building protected cycle lanes in all parts of London.

Many people have taken up cycling after hard won improvements bought in under Boris - even though half his schemes have not yet been completed. Protected cycle lanes are key to allowing more people to cycle in safety and it is clear there is huge demand these lanes.

"I’ll rip up London’s cycle superhighways if they don’t work"

The candidates are split, with some talking against protected cycle lanes or suggesting they might withdraw support for the Cycle Superhighways [1].


We need to highlight the demand for protected lanes and put pressure on the candidates to support them. Please join our new Twitter campaign:

1. Write tweets to candidates using the hashtag #SaveOurCyclists - Ask them to commit to protected cycle lanes, support a scheme you care about or highlight a good policy: @ZacGoldsmith, @SadiqKhan, @CarolinePidgeon, @sianberry

2. See what others are posting here for inspiration & re-tweeting!

3. Use or adapt our ready made tweets:

4. On the 27th April Stop Killing Cyclists are organising an air #PollutionProtest outside the Department for Transport in Westminster. They are demanding action to tackle motor vehicle emissions and increased funding for cycling across the UK - please join us if you can [2].

Thanks again for your support and please share this with any friends you think would be interested.

Kind regards,



P.s. If you are not on Twitter please email the candidates and copy us in!


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