Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Who will give us safe cycling?

Our next mayor could make or break cycling in London. There has been a mini boom in cycling after hard won improvements bought in under Boris, even though only half of the original Cycle Superhighways and a dozen 'safer junctions' are built.

Despite this, the impact of the schemes has been huge, with a big increase in cycling along the routes and no doubt those under construction will tell a similar story. It is clear there is a huge demand for protected cycling and we need the next mayor to enthusiastically back these projects, clear the backlog and expand protected cycling across London.

When we surveyed our supporters last year we found the important issues you wanted us to campaign on were:
  • Demand a programme to build protected cycle facilities at junctions and along main roads in every borough.  
  • Ban HGVs from the rush hour and make them deliver early in the morning or during the day.
While some of the mayoral candidates fully support these aims, some of the main contenders offer very limited support for the Cycle Superhighways programme and are reluctant to support protected space for cycling. All of the candidates support safer lorries but not all will commit to banning them from the rush hour.

Here is where the candidates stand:

@ZacGoldsmith    @SadiqKhan    @CarolinePidgeon    @sianberry
Protected cycle facilities at junctions and along main roads ‘I’ll rip up London’s cycle superhighways if they don’t work’ Narrower cycle tracks and promises to 'make sure cars flow smoother', although his manifesto promises to build on the work of Ken and Boris... "I want to carry on the cycle superhighways – even the controversial bits – but I also want to look at outer London, because I think that there’s a real opportunity there to get more people out of their cars and on to bikes for those shorter trips." "I’d put new segregated cycling infrastructure top of the list for new investment plans. For me it’s the number one measure that would get a wider range of people cycling... we’re well overdue this kind of road space revolution in London!"
HGV Ban No - Update and adjust the current London Lorry Control Scheme No - Work... to reduce the number of large lorries... particularly at the busiest times. A rush hour ban to reduce congestion and keep cyclists safe. Sian would introduce a rush hour HGV ban.
TfL's cycling budget No details. Would increase, but no commitment. Would nearly double spending on cycling to 3% of Transport for London’s budget. Supports a substantial increase paid for by city-wide congestion charging.
Congestion charging No details in his manifesto. No change to the congestion charge. Increase the congestion charge to reduce the number of motor vehicles in the central London zone. Bring in a road-charging system to extend the congestion charge city-wide.
Notes Manifesto: “Pedicabs in the West End have become an urban menace, ripping off tourists and tripping up pedestrians”. Zac would expand cycle hire schemes. Sadiq would investigate the merits of car free weekends in central London. Caroline has signed up to the London Cycling Campaign's ambitous 'Sign for Cycling' pledges Sian has signed up to the London Cycling Campaign's ambitous 'Sign for Cycling' pledges

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