Monday, 4 April 2016

Green Party Manifesto released

After publishing my post about Caroline and Sian yesterday, we now have the Green Party manifesto - so here's an update on Sian Berry's policies:

Sian Berry

Sian Berry is a Green Party Councillor in Camden, previously worked as a roads and sustainable transport campaigner at the charity Campaign for Better Transport and cycles to work.

She has previously signed up to the LCC's 'Sign for Cycling' vision (currently the only other candidate backing this ambitious challenge is Caroline Pidgeon). Sign for Cycling is a commitment to:

  • Triple the number of miles of protected cycle lanes on London’s roads, 
  • Introduce a ‘Mini-Holland’ for every London borough and 
  • Action to end lorry danger. 

The Green Party transport manifesto begins:

"Greens will prioritise investment in walking, cycling and public transport to help people out of car dependency. Our policies won’t create new traffic or make air pollution and congestion worse."

The Green Party manifesto is a detailed document with many proposals to improve cycling and reduce car use. Of particular interest to this campaign, they are proposing to:

  • Increase funding for major cycling projects with a requirement for safe junctions and segregated space, so that Londoners of all ages can cycle safely. 
  • Introduce a rush hour HGV ban.
  • Bring in a city-wide road-charging system to extend the congestion charge and a 20mph default speed limit on all Transport for London roads.
There are also proposals about pedestrian/cycle bridges over the Thames in East London, car-free Sundays in the West End, expanding the Cycle Hire scheme and addressing the failure of the justice system to adequately prosecute driving offences which result in serious injury. 

The manifesto does not include a commitment to spend a certain percentage of Transport for London's budget on cycling, but she has previously discussed very significant increases in investment
Finally, the manifesto also highlights their commitment to working with campaigners to get the best for London:

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