Sunday, 2 November 2014

ICE - support London's cycle superhighways.

Following the lead of The Ranty Highwayman, I have written to the ICE asking them to put in to practice their policy of supporting cycling.

I have also started a thread on their Facebook page where civil engineers can easily add their support by clicking 'like'.

My email is as follows:

Dear Ms. Luxbacher,

ICE - communication of transport policy

I am writing to you to raise the issue of the ICE's communication of it's cycling policy which I believe could be more effective. I found your details on the website, but if you are not the correct person to raise this matter with I would appreciate if you could pass this email on to the relevant person.

The ICE have a policy which starts "ICE believes that cycling and walking should be seen as integral elements of UK transport networks" [1]

There is a proposal for world class cycling infrastructure running right past the front door of One Great George Street. It is supported by all the main political parties, a long list of major companies and (according to polls) most Londoners. [2] [3]

However there is no apparent support by the ICE.

The ICE has a big focus on inspiring the engineers of the future, which is a very worthy aspiration. To do this you need to show the public that civil engineering is essential to building the world of tomorrow. However at the moment the ICE are not part of the discussion and very few members of the public will be aware of the relevance of the ICE nor it's policies.

The ICE's policy on this matter is very strong and notes the benefits of exactly this kind of scheme. I feel the ICE should be speaking out about key infrastructure proposals like this, especially as these proposals are part of a wider programme of highways projects which will significantly change the way people in London travel.

I would not expect the ICE to comment on individual junctions or details, simply issuing a response following your current policy & welcoming the proposals in principle would be a positive way to follow up on your policies.

Kind Regards,

Fred Smith