Monday, 3 November 2014

End London's Lethal Truck Epidemic - petition update

Dear Friends,

On the 20th of October we learnt another cyclist was killed by a lorry in London [1], the fifth such death this year [2]. At the very same junction in April a cyclist was crushed to death under a similar vehicle [3].

One of the key demands of the petition is for the police to clamp down on dangerous lorries. Over half of cyclists killed in London are killed by lorries [4], but statistics from TfL show enforcement action against deadly lorries has reduced [5].

This petition has over one thousand supporters but right now we need to campaign even harder prevent more cyclists dying. On the 15th of November Stop the Killing will be marching down Oxford Street highlighting their demand to Stop the Killing by HGVs [6].

Please join the November 15th protest on Oxford Street to demand cyclists are protected from lethal lorries:

For further details of the protest's location, timing and demands - click here [7].

We will also continue to push TfL and the police on this issue.

You can also follow campaign developments at which also includes updates from the 'Save Our Cyclists' petition.

Many thanks for your support,

Fred Smith