Friday, 10 October 2014

Cyclists vs. Canary Wharf

The attempts by Canary Wharf Group to halt the Cycling Superhighways have been widely reported (here, here and here).

I don't think they will succeed.

They've started by shooting themselves in the foot with a secret briefing so full of holes you could use it as a sieve.

But more importantly cycling has a broad base of active & vocal supporters. We will get people on the streets, we will fill TfL's consultation mail-bag till it bursts and we will lobby politicians at every level.

They want to stop us (potentially) affecting their business. We want to stop them killing cyclists & pedestrians with motor transport. Who is going to dig deeper and fight harder?

This is our chance to make a change for a better London and to save lives.

This is about more than one scheme and it's about more than cycling. It is about everyone who has been put in danger by a motor vehicle, everyone who has a respiratory or cardiovascular condition, climate change, pedestrians, cyclists, parents worried about their children and everyone who hates the clutter/noise/smell of motor vehicles pervading London every day & night.

So while they're enjoying their weekend I'll be campaigning. Please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and real life. Support the campaign for a safer, healthier, happier and more sustainable London.