Monday, 20 October 2014

Cyclist dies after crash at Ludgate Circus

Dear Friends,

At Ludgate Circus on Friday a cyclist was left fighting for her life after another incident with a left turning HGV [1, 2]. We have just learnt she has died of her injuries. In a similar incident in April at the same junction a cyclist was crushed to death under a HGV [3].

A colleague saw the aftermath and took this
photo of the bike flattened under the wheels
This junction is on the route of the proposed North-South Cycling Superhighway. If the superhighway is built these tragedies will not be repeated [4]. 

This is the superhighway Canary Wharf PLC have been campaigning against and want scrapped. 

Canary Wharf admitted to secretly briefing against the proposals. Peter Anderson is the finance director at Canary Wharf PLC, he is also the chair of the TfL finance committee which decides whether or not these the superhighway will be funded. Peter Anderson has declared no conflict of interest on the subject [5, 6]. It is this kind of lobbying that has prevented safe cycling infrastructure in the past.

We won over public opinion [7]. Now we must ensure the shady lobbying and conflicts of interest are stopped permanently. 

The London Assembly has powers to hold the Mayor and TfL to account and to investigate important issues. The members of the London Assembly are also answerable to us, their electorate. We must alert them so they can put a stop to this lobbying which is putting the lives of cyclists at risk.

Can you take a couple of minutes to write to your London Assembly Member to demand a stop to the shady lobbying against superhighway plans which will save lives?:

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the cyclist who was fatally injured on Friday.

Thank you for your support,



Dates for the diary:
- 15th November will see a major road safety protest on Oxford Street, London:
- 16th November is the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims:


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