Thursday, 25 June 2015

Another cyclist killed by an HGV. Seven HGV deaths already in 2015

Dear Friends,

On Monday a young lady, 26 and recently married, was killed by an HGV while riding her bike to work in the City of London [1].

Shockingly this is the seventh death this year involving an HGV, out of only eight cyclist fatalities in total. Despite many calls for action in the last few years the current approach is not working and the number of cyclists killed by HGVs seems to be increasing.

We must demand our politicians act now to stop the senseless killings on our streets. There have been too many deaths already, we cannot wait for more cyclists to die before meaningful action is taken.

Please join Monday's vigil outside the Bank of England after work to demand action (meeting 5:30pm for 6pm start) [2]. We want to make this protest as big as possible to show the huge strength and depth of feeling on this issue.

This protest will be followed up with more campaigning and will be back in touch once we have details.

I hope to see as many people as possible there on Monday.

Kind regards,