Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Mapping KSIs involving Lorries

Lorries and other large vehicles are a serious danger to vulnerable road users.

Using the STATS19 data I've produced maps showing collisions involving these vehicles where pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders or mobility scooter riders were killed or injured. Due to the number of dangerous goods vehicles classed as 'Other' (details here) the maps will also include some collisions involving different vehicles in the 'Other' category.

Deaths & Injuries involving HGVs, 2005-2015

Fatality = Symbol
Serious Injuries = Yellow dot
Minor Injuries = Blue dot

This is a map I produced showing where vulnerable road users have been killed or injured 2005-2015. Click here for full size version, produced using Google Fusion tables.

Other mapping:

In addition to this, I have tried presenting the data using Google 'Maps' rather than 'Fusion Tables'. This has several advantages however it limits each layer to 2000 data points, which poses challenges when dealing with data for the whole of the UK (except Norther Ireland). Due to this limitation it is necessary to filter the data down, reducing the years, casualty types or casualty severities shown.

Click here for a map showing where pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists have been killed or injured in collisions involving Heavy Goods Vehicles for the years 2012-2015. This is a subset of the data shown in the map above.

STATS19 mapping implementation notes

These maps are based on the data from 2005-2015 inclusive (11 years of data), which has been edited down to make the file sizes more manageable. If you want the full details on specific a specific incident or want to search by area I recommend using

The data for "Journey_Purpose_of_Driver", "Vehicle_Type", "Make" and "Model" refers to the other vehicle involved where that has been possible to match*. For pedestrians, the data records which vehicle (first) hit them. For other road users we inferred a collision where there was just one other vehicle involved. When there were more vehicles it was not possible to infer which vehicles collided with which.

*Bicycles, horses and mobility scooters are all counted as vehicles. 

For a few of the entries we have found errors in the data, such as missing location data which may means they have not been mapped. Examples of this are accident references 2005600GN6024 and 200504BB05106.

Care has been taken to avoid errors or emissions while creating these maps, however if you spot an issue please let us know.