Sunday, 24 January 2016

Safer Lorries Consultation

Dear Friends,

TfL consultation on Safer Lorries needs your support!

Last year seven out of nine cyclist fatalities in London involved lorries. Improving lorry safety was one of our four demands.

TfL are now proposing that HGV's should be fitted with extra vision panels in the passenger door so the driver can see adjacent road users. This may reduce the 'left hook' collisions which have resulted in many cyclist and pedestrian fatalities.

The consultation includes two options:
  • Option A - Differential road charging to encourage higher vision lorries
  • Option B - Restricting non-compliant vehicles (a ban or partial ban)

A full ban would be most effective to keep dangerous lorries off our streets. A partial ban would shift danger to those cycling outside restricted times. Limiting lorries to so called 'safer routes' would inevitably mean allowing dangerous HGVs to mix with cyclists due to the lack of continuously segregated routes.

Respond to the consultation here.

Please support these measures and encourage friends to do the same.

Kind regards,


P.s. These measures have been bought forward in response to cross party pressure from members of the London Assembly. In particular, this campaign has been taken up by Darren Johnson, Caroline Pidgeon and Andrew Boff. In the run up the London election we will be looking to hear from all parties (and independents) about their plans for cycle safety - if you're a representative we'd love you to get in touch, just reply to this email!


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