Monday, 2 March 2015

Four cyclists in London killed by HGVs in the first months of 2015

Dear Friends,

Already in 2015 we have seen four cyclists killed by HGVs in London [1], yet again highlighting the danger posed by these vehicles. These tragedies come as we are looking for your help to direct our campaigning and put pressure on decision makers.

HGVs are a priority for action and we want your feedback on how best to campaign on this issue. Some of our ideas are set out on our blog post 'Reducing the Danger from HGVs' [2] and we are asking our supporters to fill in a short survey to let us know where to focus our campaigning:

Save Our Cyclists - Supporter Survey 2015 [3]

This afternoon there will be a demonstration and vigil held outside Westminster City Hall, just a few hundred meters from where Claire Hitier-Abadie died after a collision with an HGV in the morning rush hour [4]. The demonstration runs from 5pm, with the vigil at 6:30:

If you are able to attend please help draw attention to this tragic loss of life. [5]

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[1] and

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