Saturday, 23 November 2013

Panic changes

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, the Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan said that campaigns like ours are "not thinking straight", that we're asking for "panic changes" [1].

This is simply not true. We are asking for a costed, time-bound and accurate plan of action. We are asking for transparency. We don't want "panic changes", we just want change.

Tell Boris that we're talking plans, not panic, and share this petition:

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Investing £1 billion in cycling is all very well, but a 10-year timespan is a long time in anyone's book - particularly for a mayoralty that will end in 2015. We need to see some real commitment here, we deserve to see a plan.

Now is the moment for action. There 35,000 of us - we're alreasy pretty loud, but the more of us that sign this petition, the louder we'll be. If each of us can get one more person to sign - just think how much louder we'll be in a day or two. Please share this petition using the links above.

Cycle safe,


[1] The Guardian, London's cyclist deaths are tragic. But panic changes won't work,
P.S. Many of you tweeted in for Mayor's Question Time - thank you! Boris got a real grilling, but made no firm commitments. More power to our campaign! You can watch the session here: Greater London Authority, London Assembly: Mayor's Question Time - Wed 20 November 2013,

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