Monday, 18 November 2013

Boris: this is your chance

Dear Friends,

Last night, we reached 26,000 signatures! In the past 4 days we have joined, in our masses, to send a clear message to Boris that he needs to act now and save our cyclists.
Our message to make roads fit for cycling is making headlines. Its been on the news, in the papers, in Parliament, in London's pubs and in Boris' own office. [1]

We've got the momentum, so now we just need to make sure Boris can't back-pedal from action.
This Wednesday we have a big opportunity to put Boris on the spot at 'Mayor's Question Time' - and the bigger our petition by then, the bigger the impact we can deliver.

Let's make this huge. Can you share the petition with your fellow cyclists, friends and family? Click on the links below to share:
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Since the Save Our Cyclists campaign launched last Wednesday, there's already been a good response from politicians and those with the power [2]. It's been great to see that cycle safety is finally getting the attention it deserves. 

This is encouraging - but we still need to ask Boris to vastly accelerate his plans, and produce a costed, time-bound and accurate plan for the changes that London cyclists can expect to see over the next 12 months.

I have been overwhelmed by the reaction to this petition; you have signed in your tens of thousands in a matter of days to demand change. This is a great start; thank you for all of your support so far. Let's keep it up:  keep sharing the petition, keep talking about it, tell your friends, flatmates and colleagues.
Finally, my heart really does go out to those families, friends and communities that are dealing with the loss of their loved ones.

Cycle safe,


[1] BBC, Calls for action over cycle deaths in London, 
> The London Assembly (Boris' own parliament!) have called for a swift action plan to sort out safety on our cycle routes  [3];
> An urgent summit on cycle safety has been called for by an expert Parliamentary council. Another has called for a whole-scale national audit of dangerous junctions. [4] & [5]
> A rapid independent review of Cycle Superhighways has been suggested by Lord Adonis, the former Transport Secretary [6];
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