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STATS19 collision data - Vehicle and casualty categories

When the police record road traffic incidents they use various classifications to record details vehicles, casualties and injuries. This information is entered in to the STATS19 database which is published annually.

The STATS19 data can be found here. The details of how vehicles, casualties, injuries etc. should be classified is published on the STATS20 form.

Vehicle Classification

The vehicle classifications are shown below. The number on the left is the code stored in the police database for each category (for the detailed notes about classification refer to the STATS20 link above).

It should be noted that many vehicle types do not fit the classification well - construction industry diggers would be classified as agricultural vehicles and 'other' category contains refuse vehicles and a variety of construction lorries and equipment. As a result, the goods vehicles data significantly under-represents the lorries most often causing fatalities by as much as 10-15% for both refuse lorries and construction lorries (based on TfL data for London 2010-2014). Taken together this could mean around a fifth of lorry fatalities are recorded in the 'other' category.

  • 01  Pedal cycle - includes tricycles etc.
  • Motorcycles - 'motorcycle' includes mopeds, motor scooters and three wheeled motorcycles.
    • 02  Motorcycle 50cc and under
    • 03  Motorcycle over 50cc and up to 125cc
    • 04  Motorcycle over 125cc and up to 500cc
    • 05  Motorcycle over 500cc
    • 97  Motorcycle – unknown cc
    • 23  Electric motorcycle - includes all electrically powered motorcycles over 0.25 kW, whether or not they are also equipped with pedals.
  • 08  Taxi/Private hire car - any vehicle operating as a hackney carriage, regardless of construction.
  • 09  Car - includes three wheeled cars, estate cars, family vans/multi-people carriers, Land Rovers and similar four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • 10  Minibus (8 - 16 passenger seats)
  • 11  Bus or coach - defined as 17 or more passenger seats.
  • 16  Ridden horse
  • 17  Agricultural vehicle - includes construction vehicles such as mobile excavators and front dumpers, but not heavy plant.
  • 18  Tram/Light rail
  • Goods vehicles include tankers, HGV tractors travelling without their semi-trailers and articulated vehicles.
    • 19  Van/Goods vehicle 3.5 tonnes maximum gross weight (mgw) and under
    • 20  Goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes and under 7.5 tonnes mgw - Sometimes referred to as Medium Goods Vehicles or Large Goods Vehicles. These vehicles are included in the CLOCS safety scheme.
    • 21  Goods vehicle 7.5 tonnes mgw and over - Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), although sometimes this term is used to mean all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.  These vehicles are included in the CLOCS safety scheme.
    • 98  Goods vehicle – unknown weight
  • 22 Mobility scooter
  • 90 Other vehicle -  Predominately the vehicles causing serious injuries and fatalities in this category are large vans, refuse vehicles, tipper lorries, cement lorries and skip lorries. However the category also includes ambulances, fire engines, motor caravans, and quad bikes, plus anything else which doesn't fit the other classifications.
In addition to the information released publicly, the police database includes information such as the registration number. This can be used by the DfT/TfL to determine the exact make & model of the vehicles in order to analyse the data in more detail (especially the 'other' categories).

'Casualty Type' Classification

The casualty classifications are shown below. The number on the left is the code stored in the police database for each category:

0 Pedestrian
1 Cyclist
2 Motorcycle 50cc and under rider or passenger
3 Motorcycle 125cc and under rider or passenger
4 Motorcycle over 125cc and up to 500cc rider or passenger
5 Motorcycle over 500cc rider or passenger
8 Taxi/Private hire car occupant
9 Car occupant
10 Minibus (8 - 16 passenger seats) occupant
11 Bus or coach occupant (17 or more pass seats)
16 Horse rider
17 Agricultural vehicle occupant
18 Tram occupant
19 Van / Goods vehicle (3.5 tonnes mgw or under) occupant
20 Goods vehicle (over 3.5t. and under 7.5t.) occupant
21 Goods vehicle (7.5 tonnes mgw and over) occupant
22 Mobility scooter rider
23 Electric motorcycle rider or passenger
90 Other vehicle occupant
97 Motorcycle - unknown cc rider or passenger
98 Goods vehicle (unknown weight) occupant

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