Friday, 21 February 2014

Round two

Dear all,

It is time for round two. It's time to get our heads together and work out where we want to go next. We got the plan we asked for from Andrew Gilligan, and now we need to hold the Cycling Tsar to account. We need to see some real change.

Thank you to those who have already written in and shared your ideas on the blog about Gilligan's response. You've questioned it, criticised it, and denounced it. You've raised more than twelve separate issues that we could focus on to make London a safer place for cyclists. One thing is clear; we need to keep up the heat.

We're working within a movement here. New and long-standing groups are demanding a new deal for cyclists. Together, we're covering all bases. Right now, for our campaign, we need to get focussed. What do you care about most? Is it banning HGVs? Improvements for Cycle Superhighway 2? Demanding more funding for the Mayors Cycling Vision? Or do you want an overhaul of cycling all together? What is the number one issue where you think we could have an impact?

Back in November, we reached a crisis point. We needed to take action, to raise awareness and to bring the issue of cycle safety in London to the agenda. Together with other groups and campaigns, we have done this. Every campaign on this has a different approach, as with all movements.

Our approach was to ask for a plan. We needed something concrete we could campaign on, so we wouldn't keep being fobbed off with endless cycling visions. We did get a plan from Gilligan, but it doesn't take a thorough reading to be clear that we still have a long way to go.

When we're talking about change for London cyclists, we're talking about a vision. We all have different ideas of what it will look like, but we all share the same common thread; a safer capital for our cyclists. One day, London will be a safer city to cycle in. We need to keep it on the agenda, keep our voices raised, and keep up the pressure. Step by step, push by push, we'll get there. It's not rocket science, but it is pedal power.

I'll look forward to reading your responses, and will be in touch soon.

Cycle safe,


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