Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's make this the biggest petition Boris receives

Dear Friends,

Incredible! In just three weeks over 35,000 of us have signed the Save our Cyclists petition and last week over one THOUSAND of us joined the mass Die In outside of Transport for London HQ, making headline news. [1]

But it's not over yet.

Next Tuesday, we are going to get on our bikes, cycle down to City Hall, and deliver our petition to the doors of the Mayor and the Cycling Commissioner. With a huge petition, we can show them that we don't want "panic changes", we want real change.

Can you help make our petition even bigger by asking your friends to sign? Click the links below to share via Facebook, email and Twitter:

We are campaigning on this because enough is enough. We know that London can be the cycling city that we want it to be and every signature is a wake up call to Boris and Gilligan. If you get your friends to join us, it shows that we are growing, and we are not going away.

When you tweet about the petition, the newspapers report it. When you chat about the campaign to your colleagues, you spread the word. When you share the petition, people sign it. 

Your actions make a difference. Can you make a difference again and share the petition with your friends and family using the links above?

When you signed the petition you became part of a 35,000 strong community. We've flooded the media, we've attended public meetings, we've laid down on the streets of our city. We are changing the way people think about transport in London. We are gaining momentum every day. Now is the time for change. Let's make it happen.

Cycle safe,

38 Degrees Member and Save Our Cyclists campaigner

P.S. We will circulate details about the petition hand-in soon, we want you to be involved! For now - keep Tuesday morning free.

[1] BBC, London cyclist deaths, hundreds take part in 'die-in' protest